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"The Heart is the Engine" - Evalyn Parry

In her brilliant performance “Spin” Evalyn Parry says this about the bicycle and about the physical heart. But in art, especially her art, the open heart is the emotional engine.  It is the engine that delivers the rich meaning that comes of seeing the world through the prism of her  brain.

I loved everything this performance, the rich intricacy, the history lesson, the political stance, the personal reveals, the deeply felt emotion and connection across time and space between strangers. We in medicine have so much to learn and I think some of it was being taught by her tonight:

- The value is in the doing

- There is meaning and connection everywhere and the more disparate the elements the more unique the light they cast on one another.

We need to keep an open heart and approach the richness of the human stories we are surrounded by with wonder and reverence - there is meaning waiting for us everywhere.  In our work too, the heart is the engine. How much more texture and meaning there would be if we could keep our hearts open and allow our emotional hearts to be our engines.